basketball-group-picThe Topeka Junior Bluesis a non-profit organization run entirely by parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, students and friends. They are the finest, most dedicated, and talented group of folks that any organization would be the envy of. This group spend countless hours, coaching, training, transporting, resourcing, organizing, fundraising and doing whatever it takes to keep the Topeka Jr Blues running. They are every bit a part of our outstanding and growing organization.

Ale Andrade - Fantastic Coach and mentor to our athletes. Dedicated to doing whatever needs to be done for the Jr Blues despite her heavy college schedule at Washburn University. We are quite sure that Manhattan was praying you stayed in school nearby and not left for Topeka as you certainly have made a difference with us.

Shayla Bliedissel - Standing back is not in her nature.  Despite a full time Washburn University Student, we can always count on Shayla. Give her a task and consider it done whether its coaching volleyball, basketball, track and field or cheerleading she will run with it and make it happen. Thank you Shayla.

Jen Brown - From the moment we met her at that first basketball tournament, Jen dove right in and started coaching. A true asset who is always there for the team despite her incredible crazy workload. You keep running, even when your transportation doesn't;) Thanks bunches Jen

Cathy Butler - Cook extraordinaire, and incredible community volunteer. Cathy has provided donations and her fantastic chili for our Sporting Clay Shoot fundraiser for about six or seven years always on her own dime.  This year, she helped serve it. An incredible person who always puts others before her own needs. It's how she is. She's the person we all wish we could emulate and be.  Thank you so much Cathy.  

Rhonda Gerhardt - Always the resource, whether it is about fundraising or lending a hand in much needed coaching.

Tim Gerhardt - Thanks for help with coaching and fundraising support.

Teri Grant Warner - One of the Best gatherers of fundraising items on the planet. We are fairly confident that under that calm cool and mild manner exterior underlies a super hero fundraiser cloak that even in the toughest economy,  Teri and her family somehow manages to bring in enough donations to make our fundraisers shine.  Thank you and your family Teri.

Chelsea Huston - Incredible Coach, one email and she jumped right in and started coaching softball before she barely knew the teams name.  Barely a breath later and she was coaching volleyball. What fortune the Jr Blues have for such a talent to be a part of their Special Olympic lives. Chelsea is a wonderful asset to the athletes, to the coaches and to the many families that trust their athletes to us.

Scott Kocher - Great fill in coach when he's not working or falling out of trees.  Always there to help when he's at practices.  Never a dull moment with Scott.  The second biggest kid on the floor, (besides Mike)

Teresa Kocher - Great photographer, fill in coach, fantastic trip planner and award winning scrap-booking box maker, always there with a smile, no matter what kind of day she has been dealt. Thanks a bunch Teresa.

Debbie Molter - The Best Organizer ever!!! She manages two of the most challenging task the team has, Uniforms and Physicals. Neither are easy or necessarily fun but without them, the team could not function as a team.  Thank for doing all the many behind-the-scene things you do for this team that makes this organization great. We couldn't manage without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

DSC01720Mike Molter - Local Program Coordinator of the best Special Olympics team in Kansas.

Dr. Dave Nichols - Whether he is flinging Turkey legs for a Renaissance Festival Fundraiser or  flinging basketballs to athletes he is always willing to fill in as coach or whatever he can to support the team.

Mary Kay Nichols - One never knows what one will do have to do for the team. Whether it is coaching, chasing wild volleyballs or hunting down basketballs or maybe it is serving food for bingo or massive turkey legs as a Renaissance Wench, Mary Kay does it all with a smile and with style.

Madison Nichols - Passionate Coach, nobody handles our little athletes like Madison. Whether she is leading them around a basketball or volleyball court or teaching a new cheer to the cheerleader team, Madison is really a chameleon of coaches, she changes to meet whatever sport or the athlete she is coaching.  Thank you Madison.

Jim Powell - Steadfast Coach, mentor, amazing parent, well of information and Team Web page assistant, Jim is all that and more.  Whether the team needs a coach, guiding advice or giving mike a much needed kick in the pants, Jim delivers and more. As busy as he is, probably more so as he is retired, Jim is there for the Jr Blues and his son to do whatever the team needs. Thank you Jim. 

Randy Robson -  Van Driver, coach,  fundraiser, always around when you need him, wherever you need him.  Thanks Randy, folks never know how much you help the team, both in front and behind the scenes.

Jim Schmank - Excellent Team supporter, perfect fill in player and coach.  Thanks Jim, you are great addition to our team family.

Marge Schmank - Fantastic Fundraiser, coaching and team supporters, has provided beautiful created jewelry to Superbowl shirts, and much more.  The team cannot thank you and your family enough.

Cathy Singles - Most Excellent Coach, talented trainer, mentor, teacher, And she does it all with such infinite patience and unmatched skill. We don't even have to ask, we know the answer from Cathy is yes. Thank you Cathy for all you do. 

Paige Smith - Awesome Coach, an Inspiration to the athletes, Excellent organizer. Paige takes charge and does what needs to be done.  She works three jobs and is a full time Washburn University Student. She does it all and is still asking what more she can do. She is someone the team can always count on, rain sleet snow or..., oh wait thats the mail.  Seriously, we couldn't do it without you. We cannot thank you enough Paige.

Christy and Dakota Sorenson - Two of the most dynamic coaches the Jr Blues team is incredibly blessed to have.   Their talent and skill at coaching and teaching athletes at all levels is unparrallel. Even with working multiple full times jobs and the constant demand of a growing family of their own, they make time to teach and coach our athletes, dispensing uncanny success, one athlete at a time.  Our heartfelt thanks Christy and Dakota.

Dave Weems - Thanks for all the hours of keeping our financial records up to date and dealing with the mass of paperwork involved with managing a Special Olympics team, and still finding time to fill in at coaching.

Leanne Weems - Thanks for spearheading the Pecans fundraising, for the tenth year if I counted right and all the time taken to find community support for our organization; a master of door to door fundraising and creates some of the best dishes one can only imagine.

The Topeka Jr. Blues wants to thank our tireless volunteers for helping make us the great organization we are. Without you, there would be no Topeka Jr Blues. Thanks for all you do.

More to come.....



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